Organizational development

We view each professional institution as a system of mutually influencing elements – structure, processes, strategy, people management and organizational culture. These elements must be synchronized and aligned in one direction. At the same time, we appreciate the unique identity of each organization and its challenges and believe that organizational solutions must be as unique and individual as the challenges each business faces. This determines the manner in which we approach our projects – individual, systemic, practical and achieving sustainable effect.

We assist  corporate clients to improve their internal structures  and performance in the following areas:

Organizational culture and change
Defining organizational mission, vision and values 
Analysis and management of organizational culture
Planning, implementation and management of organizational change
Management systems - analysis and optimization of existing systems, design and impplementation of new systems for:
People motivation and engagement
Selection and induction of new presonnel
Training and development
Internal communication
Middle management development
Defining roles, responsibilities and requirements to managers
Assessment of management skills and potential
Training and development
Performance management
Effective teams
Analysis of team effectiveness and team roles
Optimization of team processes, team members interaction and team cohesion
Building and development of  new teams
Analysis and development of human resources:
Attitudes, satisfaction and motivation
Competencie,potential and effectiveness